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This is the "Good Games" paragraph.

Here i publish good and interesting games for all users.

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- Quake I

Quake I is a 3D first-person-shooter (FPS) released in 1996 by "id Software" for MS-DOS and Macintosh.

Quake I has a multiplayer mode and is the first 3D game of the world, has a medieval ambient, a lot of weapons and enemies and secrets on every level.

Has more games: Quake II, Quake III Arena, Quake 4, Quake Champions, etc...

The game has a lot of mods by the community too.


GTA III is the first 3D game in the GTA saga, is a action third-person and open world game published by Rockstar Games in 2001, is one of the most gore games in the world, the history is situated on Liberty City that make referencee to New York.

The protagonist is Claude Speed, the game has a lot of mods and a multiplayer mode made by the community.